The Colonial Virginia Model A Ford Club is the perfect club for model A enthusiasts.  If you own a Model A, have one to restore, plan on purchasing one or just enjoy the company of other Model A enthusiasts; its the perfect combination of people.

Knowledge is the key, especially if you are looking for people with technical skills or just someone to point you in the right direction.  Years of experience encompass the club.

Company and adventure also await you, with local trips to nearby tourist events to extended trips like South Boston.  It is always better and more fun to travel in a group.

Enjoyment of showing your Model A in parades or cruise-in events.  For those that spent the time restoring the cars and trucks, or even keeping them looking great, it is nice to have a venue where others can admire them as well.

If your a Model A enthusiast, take some time and check out our club.  the contacts page has the names and contact information of who to contact to get more details on our club.

About the Club

Our Mission
The purpose of our club is to retore, promote and preserve Model “A” Fords and to serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information, parts and to further attract prestige and respect within the community with family oriented activities and civic and community involvement.

Some History
Art Isham of Williamsburg, Virginia started the Colonial Virginia Chapter with letters sent to prospective members. The first organizational meeting was held at the American Road Museum on Rt 60 in Williamsburg on 17 November 1972 with 19 families in attendance and 14 joined. Dues were $5.00. Art Isham requested organizational assistance from The Model A Ford Club of America in California on 14 September 1972 who received a “starter kit” reply on 2 Oct 1972. It was voted on at this first meeting to assess a 25 cent fine for failing to wear a name badge or not dealing on a first name basis. The Model A Ford Club of America Colonial Virginia Chapter is dated 23 February 1973 and the Model “A” Restorers Club Regional Charter is dated 29 November 1982. Brunswick stew and corn bread always appeared to be the food of choice at the meetings stirred with a forked apple stick.

In 1984, Mazie Williams became our first lady President. A European tour was done in the fall of 1985.
The Cape Henry Model A Ford Club joined us in hosting the Model A Restorers Club National Meet held in Virginia Beach in June of 1987 with 360 Model A’s participating. Bob Williams and Howard Andelton Representing our club in general and Model A’s in particular raced, drove and survived “The Great American Race” of 1988 from California to Boston.

Numerous awards and letters of commendation and appreciation have been received from Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, Gloucester, Smithfield and Williamsburg for our commitment to their communities.
The first newsletter was called “No Name” Chapter Newsletter. Subsequent names were “Chapter Chatter”, Colonial Virginia Chapter”, Ford”, “Colonial A’s” and Colonial “A” News.

In 1992-93 Bill Lee drove his 1930 Cabriolet in Northeast Old Car Races on the east coast and in 1994 on “The Championship Run” from South Bend, IN to Wilkes Barre, PA.  In 1995 Bill Lee and friend Pac McLaurin maneuvered Bill’s 1930 Cabriolet in “The Great North American Race”  through Canada, across the United States and on to Mexico City, Mexico.

In July 1997, we celebrated our 25th anniversary year with a big picnic held at the home of Linda and Barry Wise and officiated by our President Bill Moore who also did the cooking.

During the week of June 5-9, 2000, we were joined by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to host the National Meet of the Model “A” Restorers Club, which was attend by 702 registrations with 1,575 people from 34 states, and Canada. Busch Gardens Williamsburg hosted our club on June 7, 2000 with a “Model A Day at Busch” and provided after hour entertainment with buffet for over 900 people. Colonial Williamsburg provided Nicholson Street in the restored area for our Thursday line up area which was attended by 514 Model “A” Fords on a full 58 mile tour of the Colonial Parkway to Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg and ending with a picnic held at Carter’s Grove Plantation on the James River. The sight of seeing over five hundred Model A Fords on the parkway at one time was breathtaking!!. Our National Meet Banquet was held at the Williamsburg Lodge on Friday, June 9, 2000. Comments received from other regions attending were “the finest MARC National Meet ever held!”

WAIT – there is more! The 2007 MARC Meet was held in Williamsburg, Virginia June 18-22, 2007 and we hosted 32 states + Canada. We raised the bar again!


What we do

Among activities like parades, picnics, tours and seminars, we have a great time meeting and letting the public know about the Ford Model A

Here are some of our our upcoming events for 2022:

  • 15 Jan 2022: Soup and Auction Meeting: Edgehill Community Center

  •  Feb 19 2022, 10:30, Brunch & Meeting: Two Rivers Country Club at Governors Land Surprise speaker presentation

  •  March 19th Safety Check 9 AM: Carlson’s – Coffee, etc. for morning and Pizza for Lunch or bring your own.
  • May Over-night tours 5-11 May: Heritage Festival South Boston or Roaring Twenties Festival James River State Park (Tennative)

  •  14 May 2022 Opportunity to participate: The Historic Virginia Peninsula Region- Antique Automobile Club of America is Co-Sponsoring the “Classic Cars Meet on Main Street” event with York County on Saturday May 14 from 8am-12 noon 
  • June 5-11: MARC National Meet: Morgantown, PA
  • 4th of July Picnic (Monday 4 July 2022) as in years past, Decorate and drive your Model A for a picture…Maybe period clothing… Sandy Bottom Nature Park 
  • 19 Nov 2022 – 50th Anniversary Celebration – Tour (TBD) then lunch at Two Rivers w/ Business Meeting followed by CVMAFC 50 Years…Slide show

  •  3 Dec 2022: Christmas Banquet at Two Rivers.

  •  December 2022: Williamsburg and Smithfield Christmas Parades

  •  1 Jan 2023 Snowflake Tour

Club Activity

Spring Safety Inspections
17 March 18

With Spring here, it is always a good idea to check over your Model A for riding and touring.  This is what we did for technical session – checking our members cars.  The major areas of interest during the check were:

Steering play
Tire condition
Wiper blade
Fan blade
Lug nut tightness
King pin play
Seat belts
Door latches


Our safety check workshop had a great turnout of 12 Model A’s which were looked at.


After the workshop, the monthly meeting was held at Anna’s Restaurant in Smithfield.


March Inspection

March brings on more driving with our Model A’s and it’s always a great event to have our Technical Inspectors do a look over for any potential issues. A check for working wipers, loose bearings and working horn to name a few items A nice complete took kit was also on display thanks to Rick.

February Brunch

Our Brunch Meeting was held at The Twin Rivers Country Club with a great buffet and even greater views. A very upscale venue for our meeting with future plans confirmed for our 50th Club Anniversary in November followed by the Christmas banquet. Dave put on an impressive slide show presentation of a past trip they …


Interested in Joining?

Complete the application form and send it to the address on the application, we will be happy to give you more information:

If your interested in Joining MARC (Model A Restorers Club)

Or Joining MAFCA – (Model A Ford Club of America)

Carl Carlson – FordModelAA@gmail.com

Rick Calhoun

Meredith Jackson

Linda Westenberger

Martha Wilkins

Parades & Special Events
Rick Calhoun

VPCCC Representatives:
Pat Brannan

Patty Belvin

MARC Youth Advisor:
Patty Belvin

National Editor (“Restorer” & “Model “A” News):
Ivan Morefield

Colonial “A” News:
Dave Westenberger

Patrick Brannan — cvmafc@gmail.com